Using the correct names for genitals and why it is important

Before we had children we decided that we would call our own and our children's genitals by their proper name. I didn't grow up ever saying 'vulva' or 'vagina' it was called a 'minnie' in our house. A ''minnie'? What is that? It meant that going to the doctors, having smear tests, anything that was... Continue Reading →

Using real tools

"It is argued that taking risks can have positive implications in terms of children’s developmental, social and emotional needs, as well as their overall health. By providing the opportunities for children to manage their own risks in a controlled environment, they will learn vital life skills needed for adulthood, and gain the experience needed to... Continue Reading →

Big emotions, little body

We have some big emotions flying around our house at the moment. I think we are still recovering from Christmas, the excitement and loss of routine and haven't quite hit our rhythm since then. Joseph is finding things particularly hard at the moment. I think it is a combination of many things. He is very... Continue Reading →

South America area!

I am really excited I have finally finished Joseph's (and Alice's) South America area! He has been interested in the continent for a while now and his imaginative games always had some South American twist. Also my mother and all her family are from Guyana so there was a valuable resource to be utilised! We... Continue Reading →

Jude at three months

'Baby Jude', as he is most commonly known around here, has turned three months. I've definitely noticed with subsequent children that their floor and movement time is much more limited than their eldest brothers'. I wonder how this is managed in other homes as I wish Alice had been given more of an opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Orange squeezing and life lessons

Because Montessori scaffolds our parenting (we would be this way inclined anyway), we put a high value on independence and allowing our children the freedom to complete tasks and activities themselves. One activity that Joseph showed an interest in was squeezing fruit to make juice. He had taken a big bowl and asked if he... Continue Reading →

Flower arranging

Independence is encouraged in our house. We like our children to feel like they influence their environment. This then helps them to respect their surroundings, their toys and each other. One way I like to do this is with fresh flowers. We don't have them often but when we do I let the children cut... Continue Reading →

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