Flower arranging

Independence is encouraged in our house. We like our children to feel like they influence their environment. This then helps them to respect their surroundings, their toys and each other.

One way I like to do this is with fresh flowers. We don’t have them often but when we do I let the children cut and arrange them. The final product may be a touch wonky but really no worse than if I did it myself!

This bunch of roses was bought for me by Joseph. He went to the shops with his Dad and suggested they bought me the flowers. I can’t tell you how much this warms my heart and makes me proud to have a husband he obviously looks up to and imitates.

He anIMG_5645d his sister cut (with some help as the stems were quite tough and spiky) and then put them into the jug. A simple activity encouraged so much. They discussed the colours of the roses, why the stems had thorns, the smell, why it was necessary to cut them. So much learning in such a short space of time!



They were then very proud of their arrangement, commenting on them when they came into the kitchen and sat at the table to eat. This activity could be continued by drawing or painting the flowers, going into more depth about the flowers’ structure and parts etc. The next time we do flower arranging I would definitely extend it as an activity as they enjoy it so much.

IMG_5646                                                 IMG_5649


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