Art appreciation and discussions on Dali

We were looking through our art cards on Monday and were comparing and contrasting artworks. We came across Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’, you know the one with the  clock hanging off a tree. Joseph was particularly drawn to this one. He kept coming back to it and looking at it intently. I asked him what he could see and he pointed to the white object in the middle and said, “The white thing is it’s soul”. “Who’s soul?” I replied, “It’s the soul of an elephant with a clock saddle so the elephant could lift up its trunk and see the time.” Image result for dali

Children’s brains are amazing!

He went on to make more comments about the picture:

“There is a big stone with a tree on it and a bent clock hanging”

“It’s seven o’clock on that one!”

“I noticed it is at the seaside and at the bottom it is very dark and at the top it is very light”

He then stated he wanted to draw a picture like that one so set to work gathering paper and a pencil and began to copy what he saw. He then asked to use the watercolour paints and created this:

He sat for over an hour talking about the picture and the colours he needed to use to copy it. Unfortunately lots of his detail were lost once he got the paints going but he had all the main elements there.

We then searched for some more Dali artwork on the laptop and printed and laminated some as he said he wanted to copy more. They’ve really sparked his imagination.

Image result for dali   Image result for dali   Image result for dali

On Wednesday we went to the library and, although there were not any Dali specific books, we borrowed this one to explore together:


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