The exhaustion of being a ‘good’ parent

This parenting gig is hard. It’s hard trying to always be a ‘good’ parent. It’s hard trying to be the best you can be all the time for your children and your spouse. It is exhausting.

How did I handle that situation? Could I have reacted in a more positive way? What effect will my reaction have on his little mind?

I am so proud of how we parent and how amazing our children are but I would be lying if I said it was easy. I am always researching and gathering inspiration from other likeminded parents, analysing situations, comments, reactions and the effect it then has on our children. Changing my tone of voice and what I say to make an impact on their understanding…

Like I said, exhausting…

However, through all that I know it is making me a better parent. A better wife. It is hard, it really is but it is so rewarding.

The reward comes from them when they excel at something they’ve struggled at or snuggle in to you for a cuddle when you’re reading to them. When they are able to articulate the emotions in a painting or a piece of music. When they empathise with others and try to help out a friend or sibling. And I know that in the long run it will actually be easier because all the hard work has been put in now and will hopefully aid them in their adult life. I’m know we will look back and see that all that evaluating, analysing and scrutinising will have made the difference.

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