A chimpanzee in a tutu…

  I love how ideas come to mind and that we have the ability and freedom to roll with them. In my bid to say "yes" more I have found that their ideas can be brought to life (within reason) more or less right away. Joseph had been poring over the beautiful atlas that we... Continue Reading →

Losing an hour, gaining time

The clocks go forward and we 'lose' an hour but actually we've gained more time. An oxymoron perhaps but if you look outside it is still light and light means more. More time to do the things you wouldn't necessarily do in the dark dreariness of the winter months. Light means time to go outside... Continue Reading →

Saying “Yes” more than “No”

There are more than enough opportunities¬†for learning to deal with limits, for confronting the fact that it's impossible to get everything one wants. Kid's don't need parent's to add to those occasions by saying no when they could have said yes. A. Kohn,¬†Unconditional Parenting¬† As parents, we try as much as we can to say... Continue Reading →

Adjusting expectations

It has been clear through our parenting journey that our family's expectations are always adjusting. Both lowering and raising these expectations depending on the situations and ages of our children. Our society holds children to ransom on all sorts of social etiquette that we, as adults, don't even abide by ourselves all the time. There... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day

So today, 8th March, marks international Women's Day. The UN state that, It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. It all began in 1909, New York, where the Socialist Party of America set up a National Women's Day. This... Continue Reading →

Outside is just what we need

It is easy to take access to the outdoors for granted. I hope that I don't too often. Our children are extremely lucky to have the ability to open the back door and have a big garden to explore. Not only that, we are surrounded by hills and beautiful landscape that are begging to be... Continue Reading →

Painting daffodils and rocks

This afternoon my son asked to do painting. I said yes and gave a time when it was good to set the paints out. We have to use the kitchen table for artwork and they do not have access to all the art materials. I hope that there will be a time (house dependent) when... Continue Reading →

Jude at 4 months

Jude has turned 4 months this week. I enjoy watching the amazing development at this stage, it is here you really see a tiny newborn become a interactive baby. He is beginning to roll and will manoeuvre himself quite efficiently around his mat. I found the position of his movement area wasn't working for him... Continue Reading →

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