Jude at 4 months

Jude has turned 4 months this week. I enjoy watching the amazing development at this stage, it is here you really see a tiny newborn become a interactive baby.

He is beginning to roll and will manoeuvre himself quite efficiently around his mat. I found the position of his movement area wasn’t working for him as he is very aware of when I am or am not in the room. It was in our bedroom but I’ve now moved it to the middle room, which is our play space as that is where we are most of the time. This seems to be working better and he is able to work knowing I am close by.

He has his own treasure basket which consists of wooden teethers (the ‘I love you’ made by his Daddy), a rattle, interlocking discs, beads on a string (all made by my Grandad) and a sensory ball.

He is beginning to move objects from one hand to the other, unsuccessfully at the moment. The interlocking disks are great for this work, as is the wooden ring. I tied a bit of old bib onto it for added texture but it isn’t necessary.

Jude is very interactive and his little face lights up when you look at him and smile or talk to him. It is a joy to watch this interaction with his siblings. Joseph is able to spend time dancing and singing to him which he loves. Alice is increasing the time she is able to be close to him without squeezing or pinching. Steps in the right direction!

Our next thoughts are on weaning and I am really looking forward to it. It won’t be long till Jude is sitting up and can join us at the table for meals.

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