Outside is just what we need

It is easy to take access to the outdoors for granted. I hope that I don’t too often. Our children are extremely lucky to have the ability to open the back door and have a big garden to explore. Not only that, we are surrounded by hills and beautiful landscape that are begging to be walked and adventures to happen.

Last week we were covered in a thick layer of snow. Not much weather stops us from going outside but the snow forced us in for four days or so. Each day we ventured out, taking about half an hour to tog up with layers, waterproofs, gloves, hats, scarves and was only able to manage maximum of fifteen minutes. It was so cold and uncomfortable with driving blizzards that we ended up huddling round the fire instead.

We had lots of stories together, sensory and creative activities but by day four everyone was starting to get stir crazy. It made me appreciate our outside time so much and the impact it has on our children’s health and well being.

Monday bought the thaw and the thick snow began to trickle away and the whole afternoon was spent in the garden and at the park. It was like watching little flowers blooming. Their faces were a picture, content and busy. They were so pleased when they finally came inside for dinner, mud triumphantly plastered across their noses. It was as though they grew a little and could breathe again.


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