Our children don’t play with toys

We've always been quite aware that our children do not play with toys. I think this is partly our fault, we engage with our children through practical activities and through materials that encourage learning and building connections rather than sitting down with them with 'toys'. I have sometimes watched friend's children playing with their toys... Continue Reading →

Are you a girl?

We try to make clothes just clothes in our house. Effort is made to not gender stereotype anything. If Alice wants to wear a top with a tractor or digger on (which is regularly) that is fine, it's her choice. If Joseph wants to wear a tutu to the shops then that is fine, it's... Continue Reading →

“Girls need wilding!”

I've just started reading this book: If you have a daughter then I urge you to read it and if you don't then there is the boy equivalent! There was one paragraph which really struck me which said, ...girls need wilding! You learn this through messy artwork and building stuff in the backyard, gardening, and... Continue Reading →

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