“Girls need wilding!”

I’ve just started reading this book:

If you have a daughter then I urge you to read it and if you don’t then there is the boy equivalent!

There was one paragraph which really struck me which said,

…girls need wilding! You learn this through messy artwork and building stuff in the backyard, gardening, and making things from mud and leaves. And mum and dad joining in. Through dancing and leaping about in the living room to loud music with mum and dad and friends. I’m having and keeping animals , fish and tadpoles, and growing every kind of plant. And whenever possible, being in the rain, woods and on the beach. Encourage her to be messy, uninhibited, alive and moving about. Never complain about the state she gets in. Choose her clothes to be dirt proof and damage-resistant, water excluding or so sturdy it doesn’t matter. And whenever you can, get outdoors into natural places and let her run free.

Yes! This is so true and encompasses everything we want for, not just our daughter but our sons too.

Wherever possible they are out there being muddy, messy and enjoying themselves. We make sure, “don’t do that you’ll get too messy” is not something we say to our children.

Alice had always been attracted to mud since she could crawl. I would hear mums complaining that their boys get so mucky and that girls sit still and stay clean…erm no. Not my little girl anyway. She defies the stereotype and I love her for it but that shouldn’t be a big deal it should just be normal.

I remember my mum didn’t like getting messy, she didn’t join in with messy activities, didn’t go on walks with us. It made me think that actually, I wanted my daughter to see me doing all the things that she enjoys doing and that it is ok. So my hands get muddy, my trousers get ripped, and my wellies have holes from overuse.

Go out little girls, go and climb, roll in mud, find footprints to track, run and run and run, shout and giggle and laugh.

Be wild.

Be free.

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