Sour dough starters, broken boilers and houses for sale

What a crazy few days, make that a crazy few weeks, we’ve had! I wrote a blog post two days ago and have just deleted it as it is now irrelevant because it’s all changed again!

We’ve been busy making our house look good enough for someone to buy as our little bungalow is just too small. It’s been a hard job cleaning, tidying, sorting and doing all those niggly jobs that should have been done when we moved in. Anyway, we got there and just in time for a couple to look round and love it so much the put in an offer. All hands on deck trying to communicate with various solicitors and mortgage advisors to put an offer in on a house we’ve seen and love.

Amongst all this our boiler broke and we were without hot water for two weeks! We managed very well actually, bathing and showering at a friend from church’s house. It wasn’t ideal, we were a little greasy and grubby round the edges but we were fine and I bet it’s saved us a lot in gas. Still, it was an added stress that nobody needed. It really makes you aware how much we take for granted. Simply turning the tap and getting the temperature of water that you want is just what we come to expect.

It’s all fixed now and brand new which was also a good selling point!

Over the Easter holidays the children and my husband have been excited about their sour dough starters. Alice and Joseph both have one each and named them ‘Pom AJ’ and ‘John Deere’…

They enjoyed walking round the house capturing yeast spores in the air and went to every room and the garden for good measure.

Each day for a week they have ‘fed’ the starter by removing some and then adding in more flour and warm water. They eagerly looked in the mornings at all the bubbles forming and smelt it to check it’s working.

Tomorrow it can be used to make our first loaf of sour dough and I think everyone is looking forward to tasting it! We love making bread in our house but this has taken it to a new level because of the build up and effort put in.

A post on how to make a sour dough starter and sour dough bread to follow…

We are back into our weekly rhythm now after our manic Easter break but I have a feeling it’s not going to be any less crazy for the next few weeks. Amid that there will be times of peace and calm which I will endeavour to create so as not to get too stressed.

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