For the Beauty of the Earth: Finding joy in the ordinary

This year, more so than any other year, I've really noticed the true beauty of the ordinary, the wildflowers, the weeds, the black birds. All the things that surround us on a daily basis that we often give very little thought to. I think having three small children, the eldest and middle who show real... Continue Reading →

Maximum Effort

It can be hard sometimes, watching your child struggling with something. Repeating the same action over and over or trying and failing at doing something like buttoning a shirt or carrying something heavy. Until they ask for help though it can be truly beneficial for both parties if the parent observes the child. Perhaps offer... Continue Reading →

Little Performers

We live three hours away from any family members which means when we visit or they come to us it's an event. There's no 'popping in', the children don't really get a chance to just be with their grandparents without it always being about catching up and showing them all that they are and all... Continue Reading →

Sensory Bath Time Fun!

Quite why it has taken me so long to work out that this is a good idea, I don't know. But sensory play in the bath is a genius idea that suddenly came to me one cold afternoon! After looking online I am clearly not the only one with this brainwave and now have lots... Continue Reading →


It can be a daunting, the whole weaning thing especially when it is your first child. I think me and my husband were lucky in that we were fairly laid back to start with and that helped with any weaning issues. We are both really passionate about Baby Led Weaning and find that there are... Continue Reading →

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