It can be a daunting, the whole weaning thing especially when it is your first child.

I think me and my husband were lucky in that we were fairly laid back to start with and that helped with any weaning issues.

We are both really passionate about Baby Led Weaning and find that there are some questions and worries that come up from some parents that I thought I’d look at here.

1) Won’t they choke?

Most babies gag a bit when they are learning to eat solid foods. This is a good thing. It means their gag reflex is working which stops them from choking. Their gag reflex is further forward than an adults or an older child, to help with this. It might not look particularly nice when they gag on food but the main thing is to stay calm. Dont panic because your child will see this and think something is wrong and likely panic too. Also don’t slap them on the back and make sure they are sitting up. The food should come back out.

2) Are they eating enough?

Think about weaning them onto food rather than weaning them off milk. I found all three children seemed to up their milk intake for a month or so when they started solids. I can only speak from the experience of breastfeeding but assume it is the same with formula, milk is still their main source of food. BLW allows for the baby to explore the food, the textures and tastes rather than fill up every meal. Obviously they will eventually eat more but at the start, think of it as practice.

3) How do you know they are ready?

The general guidance is six months to start on solids. They should be able to sit up unsupported for a period of time and be able to show they can take an object and move it to their mouth. A good way of seeing if their ready is to put food in front of them and give them the opportunity to explore and eat it. If there is no interest then they are not quite ready yet.

We were in the process of moving house when this photo was taken of Joseph, hence the boxes- they have books, in not peas!

If you have any worries though, always seek professional advice.

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