Saving money and trying to be more environmentally friendly

I’ve been really conscious recently about the impact us humans are having on our planet. Whilst we are not out there campaigning for change or living in a totally eco house, we are making small changes that might help a little bit. And every little bit helps, right? Also, it is ultimately helping the pocket as well. Here are the little things we are doing to save money and help the environment as well:

1) We’ve switched to bamboo toothbrushes

Every single plastic tooth brush that you’ve used in your lifetime is still out there. That’s quite a daunting thought. Bamboo can be composted or burnt, is quick growing and the toothbrushes are a similar price. It makes sense. The only thing I found was that my mouth took about four days to get used to the bamboo and felt a bit sore but after that it was fine.

2) We’ve started using wool tumble dryer balls

They bounce round with the clothes and help the air to circulate, reduces static and drying time which means less energy being spent. They also make the clothes softer so no need for fabric softener.

3) We are going to be using an ‘Ecoegg’

It’s not arrived yet but we’ve ordered an ‘Ecoegg’ to go in the washing machine. It is chemical free and apparently good for allergy suffers and those with skin conditions. I will be interested to see if it helps clear up Joseph’s keratosis pilaris (bobbly skin) which is bad at the moment. It lasts for three years for an average family (less for us as I find we are washing all the time!). That is a big saving on washing powder and fabric conditioner. Also better for the water system as it is a natural product.

4) We recycle

I think all councils promote recycling now. Our recycling bin is bigger than the general waste bin and we almost overfill it every fortnight. That either means we are great at recycling or we buy too much food with packaging. I think it’s the latter but there isn’t much we can do about that at the moment. Alice and Joseph help to separate the items and it’s always a good chance for discussions about what we throw away and what things are made from.

5) We use bamboo reusable kitchen roll

This is a brilliant product! Works better than kitchen roll for wiping spills, surfaces and sticky hands and faces. There are 80 sheets on a roll (it’s called Bam&Boo) which you can wash and reuse over and over. They wash up well and can then be kept in the drawer.

So there you go. Five little things we are doing to help ourselves and the fragile world we live in. It’s not much and there are better choices we could make for a more sustainable lifestyle but it is a step in the right direction.

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