Crazy Days

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. It has been crazy round here lately. Crazy.

The last couple of weeks have been manic backwards and forwards conversations between estate agents, solicitors, pest control, removal companies and ferrying the huge amount of boxes out of our loft (that was a massive job) and into our playroom.

Moving house. Definitely stressful.

Everyone is cranky, tired and being short with each other. I think our patience is waning. The children’s space has been taken over by a mountain of boxes. Their toys and materials packed away. The books in the wrong place and still we have no moving date so can’t even give them any sort of time line. At least they have outside but even that has proved a little harder the last couple of weeks. The UK heat wave which, let’s face it, no one is used to, has meant that our garden is too hot and sunny for outside play between 11am and 3pm. Alice’s skin is fair and she burns easily and whilst they are all brilliant at putting on suncream, it seems like there isn’t enough to stop her going red.

We’ve found a gorgeous stream near us that is perfect for paddling and cooling off and sits under a big willow tree. That has been a big hit in these hot days.

I turned 30! Which I was worrying about. I mean 30 just sounds like an adult doesn’t it. I remember my parents turning 30 and they seemed old and saddled with all the scary responsibilities that adults have. But on the plus side I received some lovely presents that I am looking forward to putting to good use. Especially this lot:

Lots of fabulous books to help with planning and inspiring our Home School adventure which starts in September (please let us have moved by then!!!).

So whilst it is crazy here, whilst everyone is being pushed to their limits I am still marvelling at how wonderful this family is at holding each other up. Yes it’s stressful, we are all bickering and getting hot and fed up but we are together. We have a house (albeit covered in boxes), we are safe and surrounded by love and with this is the back of my mind we shall plough through this crazy period and get through the other side stronger.

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