Moments of Motherhood

Do you ever get those moments when you look at your children and are suddenly overwhelmed by them? Those slap-you-round-the-face moments where all the responsibility you have as a mother, as a parent shows itself to you.

I find them in the smallest of actions , glances, worry flitting across my sons eyes or an impromptu “I love you” from my daughter. These things happen everyday but sometimes catch me off guard and I have to steady myself because, wow, these children are mine and me and my husband have this huge responsibility to do it right, to not mess them up, to make their childhood beautiful.

There are the cliche moments, the ones people tell you about like looking at them when they are first born or them wrapping their tiny fist round your finger. But there are the moments that no one can predict, the singing in the car at the top of your voices to a song you all love. It’s watching your daughter hand you fluff with such pride like it is gold because she trusts you not to throw it away. It is in your baby’s searching eyes round a room to find you and smiling when they settle on your face. All these things are my moments of motherhood, little reminders that the job we do as parents is so so important in shaping the future of our world. It sounds dramatic but it is true.

And although the reminders can be overwhelming, they are a joy and I know I am truly blessed. Amidst the struggles, the tears, the squabbling and all the tough parts of parenting these little moments are moments of calm and reflection, to regather and connect.

What are your moments of motherhood/parenthood?

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