Moving house

We’ve moved house! Finally. It has been one of the most prolonged stressful experiences of my adult life but we are here and it feels right.

I know they say that moving house is up there with one of the most stressful things to do but it can never quite be appreciated until you are knee deep in boxes with inconsolable children at your feet and the lingering thought that this might never actually happen. Every time the estate agents number popped up on my phone my stomach flipped and I thought “they are ringing to pull out” but they didn’t and everything sorted itself out. Timing was pretty rubbish or spot on depending on how you look at it. Completing on the last day of the summer holidays having spent the entire six weeks packing and planning and hoping to move before my husband went back to work the following Monday. At least he wasn’t already back to work and we got a weekend to shift furniture and settle in as best we can.

The whole process has taken its toll on all of us, especially the children and mainly Joseph. They have been out of sorts for over a month with their comforting rhythms distorted and their favourite items packed away not to mention highly stressed parents who are more inclined to be less patient and grumpy.

Our new home is an amazing step up from our little (and loved) two bed bungalow. Now in a four bed farmhouse, we are gradually getting used to the physical space. Our children have never been further than a few metres from us in our previous homes whereas, in comparison, this house is vast. Joseph is continually worried that he will be eaten by mice and will not venture to the toilet or his room on his own, needing his sister or myself to always be with him. It will take time. We have begun to slowly build a morning and evening rhythm that will be flexible but reliable and should help with the transition into the new house.

Unfortunately the idea of starting homeschooling officially last Monday was put on hold as neither of us are ready. However, learning to feel safe and secure in ones environment is worth much more than any ‘lesson’ can offer.

Once the rooms are in more of an order we will begin properly and we are all very excited.

For now we will continue unpacking and slowly get the children (and ourselves) accustomed to living in a very different house and enjoy the ability of building a family home together.

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