Homeschooling: week one and what I’ve learnt

So we officially started homeschooling last Monday. I felt we needed to get into the swing of it even though the house isn’t quite done and we are not quite settled. I think building a familiar rhythm is important to our family. We don’t do well with drastic change (the adults included!) and like the familiarity of a flexible but predictable day.

I wanted our ‘Sun Room’ (playroom) to be finished enough to use as a space for playing and learning. I am so pleased with it! The shelves are vaguely laid out as bottom for Jude (youngest), middle shelves for Alice and top shelf for Joseph although they are all able to use everything if they so desire.

We also have a small table and an art table with reachable shelves.

I had an idea in my mind of how we were going to homeschool. It would be relaxed, mainly play based with some work through the materials offered on the shelves. We would be outside 90% of the time. Our first week didn’t really look like this. Joseph was very enthusiastic, wanting to learn more and more and write. He didn’t see homeschooling as playing but as sitting down working. I didn’t want him having this pressure but he was adamant that that was what he needed to do. So I followed him and we wrote a poem about the moon and sentences on the earth and moon orbiting the sun.

We are loosely following the ‘Exploring Nature with Children’ curriculum which has a nature and seasonal based theme each week of the year. We made nature journals to record findings outside and also to draw/paint in.

It wasn’t quite the week I was expecting and as ever it is a learning curve. I think perhaps we work differently and have a different vision which is fine and I am embracing that. I think he wants more ‘work’ which I will provide or give him the opportunity to provide himself whilst also giving him the space to play both inside and out.

Today has been a good one. Everyone is a bit more relaxed. We’ve worked this morning by reading books about autumn and then creating a diagram of how the seasons are made. This afternoon we’ve been on an autumn picnic in our little woodland area and hunted for signs of autumn. I am excited to see how this week goes.

I am so glad we made the decision to home educate this year and looking forward to what I will learn about myself and my children on this journey.

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