This week’s round up

So I thought I’d try (emphasis on the try there!) to do a weekly round up of the activities that have been really good in the week. Things that worked and perhaps things to learn from.


We played a great game of windy washing line sounds. I pegged A4 sheets of sounds (s a t p i n) to the washing line and then asked the children to run to the sound. It was made hard by the wind so they had to really look to check what sound it was. I differentiated by getting Joseph to spell cvc words by running to each letter and sounding it out. They really enjoyed this activity and it was a great way to practice sounds and spelling plus moving their bodies.

We also made marks in the tough tray with flour and this gave Joseph the opportunity to write words and letters.


We searched for pine cones (you could use any small natural object) and filled an egg tray with them. Alice then estimated how many were there. She said 20 and we counted 30 together. She then used the big tweezers to place each one from a basket back into the tray.

She seemed to enjoy this activity so I have put it on her shelf inside to complete again when she wants to.

I used the pine cones again and asked Joseph to split 5 pine cones between 2 baskets. He then worked out how many different ways 5 can be separated. It was a visual way to show number bonds. He then wanted to draw it so I drew some baskets on paper and he drew circles to represent the pine cones. He noticed that the baskets could be the other way round as well to make another way to separate 5. So 4 and 1 could also be 1 and 4.

I showed him how this can be expressed as a sum and he then worked out the others using his wooden numbers.

This coming week I will build on this by introducing number bonds to 10.

We planted spring bulbs which was great on a sunny day. What was really beautiful was when we put them in the ground and covered them over with soil they said “night night bulb, see you in the spring!” A lovely moment. I wish our printer was working so I could have built on this activity more but we talked about the daffodils and what plants need to grow.

Art wise we’ve created some autumn pictures using paints and natural objects and added to our nature journals.

This week we will be focusing on autumn leaves. We seem to not be following the ENWC (exploring nature with children) curriculum correctly again as it is a ‘rest week’ this week and the autumn leaves week is the following. But we are on a roll with autumn so I feel we should continue. I have activities planned to build on from this week’s learning but also lots of time to follow their ideas and needs.

Tuesday is Alice’s 3rd birthday. How can she be 3 already?…

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