What is on our shelves: A Sun Room tour

I've recently updated the shelves in the 'Sun Room' (our playroom) and thought I'd share with you what we have out. I'd like to point out though that in all of that there three things in that picture that we have bought (dolls house, ukulele and 'Lost Words' book). Everything else has either been made,... Continue Reading →

Jude turns one!

Our little boy who was born the night the clocks went back, has turned one. We can't quite believe that a whole year has flown by and all that we've achieved in that year. Most notably moving house. Jude was three days later than the due date given to us. I was at home cooking... Continue Reading →

Weekly round up: Autumn Pond

We have been without signal for four days due to high wind and living rurally and being in the dip of a hill between two tiny villages. We also do not have internet apart from 4G on our phones. It's amazing how we have taken WiFi for granted and this house is proving to be... Continue Reading →

Fine Motor Activities That Aid Writing

It is said that there has been a dramatic rise in the level of children starting school unable to hold a pencil which is linked to the overuse of touch screen devices. Their fine motor skills are virtually non existent which makes holding a pencil and ultimately writing words and drawing pictures hard and painful.... Continue Reading →

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