What we are reading: a look at our book baskets

There are a lot of books in our house. A lot of books. My husband is an avid reader and we are finally able to have most of the books out on shelves in our new house.

We’d always said we hoped our children would have a similar love for books that we do and are glad that they seem to be following in our book loving footsteps.

Good quality books are an important part of fostering a love of reading. I try to have a balance between fiction and non fiction and have at least one basket linked to our learning or to the season. We try and keep the library books in a separate basket for ease so we don’t have a mad panic trying to locate them all.

In our little area next to the table where we eat our meals, is a sofa and book display and our library book basket. During snack time mid morning we choose a selection of books to read with cups of tea, candles and snacks. It is becoming my favourite time of the day. It is peaceful and calm, Jude is normally napping which means the other two have me to themselves. We talk and discuss issues in the books and it can often lead us to further exploration and learning.

These are the books we are currently enjoying:

Between Tick and Tock by Louise Greig and Ashling Lindsay

This is a beautiful fiction book that we’ve borrowed from the library. A busy city is stopped in motion by little Liesel who moves between the motionless people and animals and helps them through their difficulties. It is imaginative and thought provoking and provides a good board for questioning how actions affect others.

Square by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Another library book and another thought provoking one that is quite philosophical. All about Square who moves boulders all day long. I love this:

Joseph and Alice totally got that because we call our play and learning ‘work’. Along comes Circle and asks Square to make a boulder look just like her but Square finds it hard to make something so perfect. It leaves the reader with a question about whether he succeeds or not.

Brambly Hedge Autumn Story by Jill Barklem

The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

We bought this for Alice for her birthday. A great book about resilience and creativity. It has a good message and fantastic vocabulary.

Alfie and the Birthday Surprise by Shirley Hughes and Out and About A First Book of Poems also by Shirley Hughes

We love Shirley Hughes (even if my husband finds the illustrations disconcerting) and the poem book is separated by season which is perfect.

I am trying to read more poetry to them so have read some from Best Loved Poems edited by Neil Philip and also Autumn: A Folio Anthology.

Non fiction wise, we’ve been looking at a piece of art each week which have been mostly impressionist paintings so we got some books from the library about Vincent Van Gogh.

There are so many books of worth to mention but these are just a few of what we’ve been enjoying the last few days. The books are rotated regularly and we visit the library weekly so we have lots of exposure to different texts and illustrations.

What are you reading to your children at the moment?

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