The library: utilising a free resource

As I’ve mentioned before, we try and get to the library weekly. We are very lucky here in the UK and especially in this area, to have library’s in most towns and even some larger villages. We also have a mobile library which visits the smaller villages to allow those unable to travel to access books, dvds and cds.

It is an invaluable service which is often under threat from funding cuts and many people have fought hard to keep their local library open.

We are lucky in that we have a range of library’s in a drivable distance from our house. The one we mainly use is big and has a good selection of children’s books with new titles added frequently.

I’ve worked out that with three children, there is a window of about 20 minutes of optimum library time. I have got pretty good at flicking through the (rather full) book boxes and finding the types of books I think are the most appropriate for our family.

The older two children will look through books as well and can choose what they like too as long as the pile isn’t getting too big and I’ve given a nod of approval. I think it is important to read books that convey the right message that you have in your home as well as having beautiful illustrations. The impact that a story can have on your child is huge so the right words and pictures are a necessity.

I try and get non fiction to aid our theme or anything that they are interested in or want to learn more about.

I will often read them one of their chosen stories as well.

The library is free! (Except if you take out books on an adult ticket and then bring them back late…) I have to admit that on a few occasions library books have become books to keep when we’ve loved them so much we’ve ordered it from Amazon.

Despite having many, many books in our house, new ones that are replaced frequently keeps them fresh and exciting. There is something very comforting coming back to a beloved story but there is also a place for exposure to lots of different literature as well. I hope that our frequent library visits keeps the excitement of reading alive and continues their love of learning.

Also, to note, the library offers many other things as well as books such as group meetings and children’s singing/craft sessions. It is well worth a look as your first port of call to see what is going on.

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