Weekly round up: Autumn Leaves

While these two are busy sharpening pencils I thought I’d do our weekly round up from last weeks learning.

We are still out of kilter with the ENWC curriculum as we are now a week ahead but never mind. I’m sure at some point it will even out and we will be on the same week as everyone else!

So last week we learnt all about autumn leaves. We collected leaves and preserved them in glycerine and water but it didn’t work and they went mouldy…

Never mind it was a nice activity whilst we did it!

We looked at leaf shapes and discussed colours.

Phonics wise, I introduced the grapheme ‘sh’. We thought about words with sh in them either at the beginning or at the end. I wish (there’s one!) that I had made a list myself prior to doing this with him as my mind went completely blank and we couldn’t think of many. We wrote ‘sh’ in the air, with ‘magic paintbrushes’, in salt and then with the pencil on paper.

This week we will re-visit sh. This morning Joseph wrote fish and remembered that he needed a s and a h.

It was Alice’s birthday so we focused lots on that and have played with her new magnetic tiles, building churches and a house. Their interest in church was sparked because of this and they then played priests and Mass. When their Daddy came home he went through the whole of the Mass with them, acting out each bit.

We had a great visit to Chatsworth where we looked at all the beautiful trees and changing leaves, played in the sand and scooped up water from the stream.

This week we are focusing on the autumn pond which is a big thing for me as I have a phobia of frogs (see a few posts back) but I am taking a big breath and being brave…

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