Weekly round up: Autumn Pond

We have been without signal for four days due to high wind and living rurally and being in the dip of a hill between two tiny villages. We also do not have internet apart from 4G on our phones. It’s amazing how we have taken WiFi for granted and this house is proving to be trickier in getting any sort of internet to!

Last week we focused on the autumn pond. I was determined to face my fear and discuss pond life including the dreaded frogs and toads. Which we did but actually the children weren’t that interested in focusing on them (which I internally sighed relief!).

On Monday we visited our local National Trust garden which has a fabulous pond. We walked with nature journals, colouring pencils, jars for looking at the water more closely and snacks to the pond. It was beautiful, we had lots of ideas and then someone desperately needed the toilet (a long walk back to the car park), the baby started screaming and scaring the ducks and Alice’s pond water wasn’t the right colour…

The realities right there. So we trudged back to the car and promptly drove to the local park and played on the swings instead. Wasn’t the plan but never mind.

On Wednesday (our cooking and baking day) we made Dorset apple cake, smoothies, chocolate biscuits (that didn’t work) and homemade pizza. The children do most of the cooking themselves with minimal input from myself.

Numeracy wise we counted lots of leaves, more number bonds using leaves and split leaves into groups using the steps in the garden.

we played some phonics games, one of which was jumping to the right sounds and then jumping out words.

We also have looked more into Impressionism and focused on Monet. We discussed how he painted the pond in his garden over and over. Our art book from the library had a photograph of him next to his huge canvas. Joseph wanted to paint one too. I had a small canvas tucked away which I gave him with the water colours. He promptly set to work copying Monet’s Japanese bridge.

He was pleased with the outcome after telling me all his “techniques” he used. It will go up on the wall.

This week we are focusing on trees. Lots of outside time whilst the boiler is installed (hot water and heating woohoo!) and reading stories and seeing friends.

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