Weekly Round Up: Autumn Trees

We have had an odd week. A new boiler installation has meant we’ve felt a bit topsy turvey as it took four days to install. But we now have warm radiators and hot water when you turn the hot water tap! The chilblains on my hands and feet are easing which is a good thing.

Because of this it didn’t feel like we achieved much but actually, on reflection, we did. We focused on trees which meant some lovely conversations about the importance of trees, what trees need to grow and what trees can give us. Joseph wanted all this as ‘work’ in his book so we wrote sentences and drew pictures and diagrams. This seems to settle his anxiety of “needing to learn” and makes him feel like he has “done homeschool”. I still don’t feel it necessary but he insists on having a workbook and writing- so we do.

They’ve had some lovely independent play in the mud kitchen and I wrote a blog post about the importance of mud kitchens after watching them chatter together, plan and create meals from petals and leaves, water and dirt.

We had a great play date with a friend who is also homeschooling and created big paintings of autumn.

We made some gorgeous leaf crowns which they were very proud of. It is a shame they don’t last and are currently going crispy and spreading debris all over the carpet…they may need to be recycled soon!

This week is looking more ‘normal’. We are not going to focus on anything specific from ENWC curriculum as we are leaving a week out to mean we are back on track with everyone else who follows it the following week (if that makes sense!). At our library visit, Joseph was keen to learn about the body so that is what we will do.

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