Jude turns one!

Our little boy who was born the night the clocks went back, has turned one. We can’t quite believe that a whole year has flown by and all that we’ve achieved in that year. Most notably moving house.

Jude was three days later than the due date given to us. I was at home cooking dinner for the family and suddenly didn’t feel right. I went for a bath while my husband took over cooking and getting the two children to bed. I laid in that bath for an hour or so as contractions came on stronger and closer together. Once the other two were tucked up and asleep the midwife was called. A home birth had been planned. I got out the bath and sat in front of the fire. I can still feel that heat on my back and the slight rocking motions I was making. The midwife arrived and was particularly blasé. “You’ll be hours”, she said and that she was considering going home. I’m glad she was convinced to stay as 20 minutes later Jude arrived on our bedroom floor. It was an absolute joy to give birth at home and I was devastated to hear that I’d need to go into hospital for stitches but actually it was ok. Not what I wanted and wouldn’t want to repeat it but ok. I had a beautiful baby boy who didn’t have a name and a husband at home with two other beautiful babies. I was lucky and blessed.

A year on and we are in a different house, homeschooling and learning what family life is like everyday. We are so very fortunate. Jude is beginning to show his personality which is different again from his brother and sister. It is a joy to watch him develop everyday and almost see him grow over night.

Happy birthday Jude!

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