What is on our shelves: A Sun Room tour

I’ve recently updated the shelves in the ‘Sun Room’ (our playroom) and thought I’d share with you what we have out. I’d like to point out though that in all of that there three things in that picture that we have bought (dolls house, ukulele and ‘Lost Words’ book). Everything else has either been made, gifted or given to us by friends and family for which we are very grateful.

I try and limit the amount the children have out to play with and work with. I find the more there is the less intentional play happens. I wrote a post a while back about how our children do not really play with conventional toys. This is still the case although the farm and dolls house are getting much more of a look in now that they are getting older.

The top shelf is primarily Joseph’s but he doesn’t often use the shelves, preferring imaginative play with very little, drawing or making models from recycling. There is a lovely wooden number puzzle from Ikea, sandpaper letters that I made in a tray (that my husband made) for salt. In the basket there is a letter two part puzzle. The binomial cube and continents globe.

The next shelf down (from left to right) a basket with 3D shapes and a tangram puzzle. Gears. Three shape puzzle (for Jude). A small basket of wooden colour balls. Magnetic tiles which are a big hit and used daily, mainly by Alice who will sit for ages creating houses and churches.

The bottom shelf has a wooden Noah’s ark and a natural rainbow. There are rainbow people in nesting cups which are known as the ‘adults’. A brilliant wooden ball with acorns that can be posted through a hole in the top. A Galt pop up wooden toy. Also wooden stacking rings at the back. The next hole has an amazing Plan Toys wooden drum that I highly recommend and a basket of wooden ‘pebbles’.

Along from the shelves is the dolls house and South America map, Velcro flags for the countries and South America books. There are the little Grimms people that are known as ‘the children’. Alice likes to make families from the ‘adults’ and ‘children’.

There is also a wooden tree (originally a Christmas decoration) and old curtain rings for Jude to hang on.

And a wooden post box as he is very in to in and out at the moment.

Along from the French doors is our calendar which made for us by my talented Grandad (along with many of the other wooden toys!) as well as our Autumn weekly rhythm.

There is also our nature table and our art table which I will do a separate post about.

We are very lucky to have a separate space that the children can go to. They play all over the house and each room is designed with them in mind as well as us adults. But the Sun Room is totally theirs.

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