This week’s round up: half term and bench restorations

This week has been half term and because my husband is a teacher he was off work and home with us. We love school holidays when Daddy is home.

Our normal rhythm is sidelined and we have slower days. Joseph has spent most of it outside with my husband restoring an old rotten bench we had outside our house. He asked for it to be painted “John Deere” (our tractor mad boy’s favourite) but we weren’t sure a bright green and yellow bench would be a good idea right outside the front door. We live on a busy road and I can imagine that would pull people’s attention as they drive past. Instead, we compromised on a subtle John Deere bench.

He planed and sanded, drilled and painted all with minimal intervention. He loves “doing outside jobs” so much and especially with my husband. When it was finished he was very proud and excited. It is such a joy to see him working with real tools and getting a real job finished and looking good. The fact that he had so much input on its design and creation makes it so much more special. He says he is looking forward to sitting on it to watch the sun set. He is an amazing little boy.

This coming week we are getting back into our ‘normal’ daily rhythm with a focus on fungi which should be interesting.

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