This week’s Round Up: Moss

This week our focus has been moss. We started the week by saying “I don’t know much about moss”, so we got out some paper and thought of everything we could about moss and we were surprised by how much we did know. We then added to the list once we’d researched and knew some more. It was a good mindset exercise and one I will repeat especially when we both feel we don’t know much on a subject.

We went for a moss hunt round the garden (of which there is an abundance of moss) and tried to identify it.

I couldn’t find any books in the library about fungus, moss or lichen so we relied on our Natural History book and the Botanicals book to help us.

I dislike worksheets but Joseph and Alice both seem to enjoy working through them. We’d been given some photocopies of maths worksheets, simple number recognition and counting exercises. They both sped through them and asked for more. I think it fulfils Joseph’s need to ‘work’. I will print off some more for this week to go alongside our less paper based maths.

Alice is now able to independently write her name which she is most happy about.

She isn’t confident on the sounds (although her name doesn’t make phonetic sense!) but can verbalise how she writes it, “big a, straight down, straight down and a dot, curly round, across to the wall up over down and round”. She is getting there with recognising ‘s a t p i n’ but it isn’t consistent yet. She is so determined to be like her big brother so it won’t be long.

This week we are focusing on lichen. We will go on another woodland walk and up to the rocks for some climbing and scrambling. We will take each day as it comes, being slow and intentional. We’ve had some major ups and downs the last few weeks so need to just get back into it slowly without too much pressure.

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