This Week’s Round Up: Weather

We’ve enjoyed learning about weather this week. Monday was our best day. We made rain makers and then danced round to rain sounds (you know those ‘relaxing’ 2 hour rain noises with pan pipes over the top). Joseph loved it. He certainly has a talent with dancing and movement and loves to move to music. He got out blue scarves and material and moved around the room being the rain and the thunder. He used his newly made rain maker as a prop and for “extra rain”. It was a joy to watch him. It’s made me realise that we need to have more music in our lives at home. I think it would be a useful tool to calm and also uplift everyone.

They also painted rain pictures which I totally left them to do on their own while I put Jude down for a nap. They both explained to me their reasons for their colour choices and why they made the marks they did. I think they were pleased with the result.

We cooked flapjack this week too which is never a given. I seem to have very little success with a recipe that is relatively simple and it rarely works out but this week it did! Mainly because Alice and Joseph made it and not me…

We had friends over too and we created northern light pictures. It was a really effective process of using water colours to create the sky and then sticking black paper cut out trees on top. Also doing the same thing but using pastels. They really enjoyed it and also collaborating with friends is a nice change.

This weekend marks the start of advent. I am going to do a post soon on how we prepare for Christmas. I’m looking forward to our little quiet traditions that mark this time of year.

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