Our big boy turns five

Joseph turned five this weekend. Five. Five whole years. Crazy. It's that old conundrum of feeling like five years has gone too quickly and also, how can it only be five years that we've known him? It seems like he's always been a part of us. He is such a complicated, beautiful human who is... Continue Reading →

The low table and cooking with children

A smallish wooden table had been left in the kitchen when we moved in. It was too small to eat round and too big to use anywhere useful. It needed to be moved as we put an Ikea play kitchen in its space after Christmas. Instead of throwing it away we put it in the... Continue Reading →

Hello 2019!

Hello 2019, how quickly you've arrived. It only feels like last week that it was October and we were observing signs of autumn and now here we are in the throws of winter and a new year. Our Christmas was perfectly slow and relaxed. We purposefully make Christmas Day fairly normal just with church and... Continue Reading →

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