This Week’s Round Up: The Moon and Space

This week we have been focusing on the moon and space. We’ve already done a moon week back in September so it was nice to recap and then expand the learning into planets as well.

Both Alice and Joseph were very keen (as always!) to learn and work. They independently made books to write and draw what they learnt about space. A simple set of 5 or so A4 papers folded in half with string through the middle. I was putting Jude down for a nap and hadn’t even mentioned doing this so was impressed when they produced the books they wanted to fill.

We worked through the phases of the moon again using cards and then creating a matching activity for Alice.

The following day we began discussing planets and used a poster we have and a few books to link information. It is such a difficult subject to focus on, I think. It is so intangible. You can’t take them on a trip to the stars and stop off on Jupiter for a look around. Their massiveness is so incomprehensible as well that it is hard to even think about. I love that children generally seem so captivated by space though. My two were certainly asking lots of questions that I couldn’t answer straight away.

I felt like I needed more materials to help me and so I found a website that had space resources and a set of three part solar system cards. These were helpful and we used the cards alongside planet models that we already own.

I think we might continue with this this week as there is so much we haven’t covered and I think it will be good to get Joseph’s book filled so he feels he has accomplished that task he set for himself. Another bonus for home educating. There are no time limits, no race to cram in learning we can go at our own pace.

We found out this week that the baby is due at the end of June which is exciting. I think it is going to go very quickly…

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