Our big boy turns five

Joseph turned five this weekend. Five. Five whole years. Crazy. It’s that old conundrum of feeling like five years has gone too quickly and also, how can it only be five years that we’ve known him? It seems like he’s always been a part of us.

He is such a complicated, beautiful human who is growing up too fast. He is witty, intelligent, so very sensitive and practical. I’ve never met a child like him. He is unique and incredibly precious.

Five sounds so grown up, so big. I think it’s because children in our country are expected to be at school at five. But despite that, he is still so very tiny and so very unsure and needs that constant guidance and assurance. I love the opportunity to have been able to give him that this year. I worry for next year when he’s actually at school and has to deal with those scary issues on his own or at least without his parents there to support him the whole day. But I know he will manage. And I hope that we are giving him the tools to question and consider, to be true to himself and his emotions and to know that we will always be there.

We had an outside party to celebrate his birthday which involved friends, family, a bonfire, marshmallows and a tractor hunt round the garden. It suited him perfectly and he was in his element, outside in the cold. It did seem crazy planning a party to be mainly outside on a day in January but, “there’s no such thing as bad weather”, right?

Here is his beautiful painting of spring flowers which he has proudly fixed to the wall above mine and my husbands bed. It’s so beautiful and we love it. It has brightened up our room much like he brightens up our lives every single day.

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