This Week’s Round Up: animal study

So I have been particularly rubbish at getting our weekly round ups published but for what every reason, it takes forever to write anything. I’m blaming baby brain and sleep deprivation…

The last two weeks we have focused on animals. My eldest was showing an interest in animal skeletons and we’d had a conversation about the difference between sets of teeth. His little brother’s canine teeth have been pushing their way through and so prompted a conversation about what they were for. After a visit to the library with his Dad, he had a collection of animal books and especially loved the animal skeleton one he had found. I printed off some sorting cards for vertebrates and invertebrates and he worked his way through those. (See Instagram for photos- I’ve deleted them off my phone!)

It was the RSPB big garden bird watch last weekend which we completed.

We set up snacks and pens and paper and watched the birds come to the feeder. It was a lovely opportunity for writing as both Alice and Joseph wanted to list the birds they saw.

We even wrote a story about a little mouse who we spotted collecting fallen seed.

We used playdough to make vertebrate models and models of animals.

There is definitely so much to explore on this subject at all levels and, no doubt, we will be revisiting it again.

It has been very snowy here the last two weeks. Which has meant less prolonged time outside but quality fun time when we’ve been out. Their grandparents bought up the old sledge my husband played on when he was a boy and they have been having so much fun pulling each other round the snowy garden.

This week we are back to the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum and focusing on earth worms.

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