Activities for a 16 month old

There has been a big shift in Jude’s development in the last couple of months. Physically, he is now walking (albeit wobbly but getting stronger each day) and climbing up on everything. It is very obvious that he is suddenly following instructions and understanding so much more of what is being said to him from a range of people.

I felt it necessary to change his activities round on his shelves now he has moved into this next area of development. He needed something more challenging whilst encouraging communication and vocabulary. I was inspired by these trays. It’s always great to see what inspiring activities are already out there and then tailor them to the needs and interests of your own children.

Jude has been picking up and cuddling the dolls recently and is also able to point to his nose and tongue. I created this basket with a little doll and some body part cards that I made myself. There are eyes, nose, mouth, feet and hand cards.

We have three Holztiger animals and I made some cards to match the toy animal to the real animal in the photograph. He likes standing the animals up and moving them from the tray to the floor but wasn’t able to match them just yet.

We’ve had these sensory squares for ages and I found a box (which I think used to have cars in) to display them. He has been taking them out and feeling them with his hands and then on his face. There is also the chance to match them as there are two of each material but I don’t think he is at that stage yet.

This simple shape puzzle has been on the shelf for a while but he is really taken to it the last few weeks. He is able to remove and replace each shape if he does them on their own. If he removes all three, it then poses a challenge for him to try and get them back in.

This puzzle is the same but he is getting better at trial and error whereas before he would just shout and put the piece in my hand to do it for him.

One of his favourite activities at the moment is banging the balls into the holes on this toy that we were given by a friend.

He loves using pencils and felt tip pens and I introduced play dough to him this week too. My initial thought was that he’d eat it but he squeezed it and manipulated it with tools. He put a tiny bit in his mouth but it was so disgusting his eyes watered and he didn’t do it again!

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