This (last three) week’s round up: earthworms and half term

*edit- this should have been posted last week…*

Ah I’ve got behind again!

The last few weeks we have been looking at earthworms and it is the end of half term.

We’ve learnt all about the anatomy of a worm and can now distinguish between a young worm and an adult worm by the ‘clitellum’. We’ve found worms in the garden and Alice was very brave and able to hold one after some shaky attempts.

We made some play dough worms which ended up with us creating “the worlds longest worm ever!!” This was a good activity to build up those hand muscles and fine motor skills. It also incorporated maths through estimation and measuring.

It was our seven year wedding anniversary last week and Joseph and Alice helped to make an anniversary meal for me and my husband. They wrote out the menu, made decorations and helped to prepare the meal which we all then ate together. It was perfect.

Jude has his first go at using a knife to cut the apple for our crumble. He has really started to want to be fully involved with everything now and it is great that he can join in. This is why we love Montessori principles!

We also got to see our little baby again as we had our 20 week scan. This time it was just the two of us, upset and anxious Jude didn’t come. Which meant a peaceful time to just concentrate on this fourth baby which doesn’t seem to be getting a look in at the moment!

It is the end of half term here which is a week of Daddy! Jobs with Daddy, outside with Daddy, walks with Daddy, stories in bed in the mornings with Daddy, cuddles during the day with Daddy. It has been lovely and the first couple of days were great. We cooked outside on our new Dutch oven and then banked up the fire to cook breakfast on the embers the following morning. Joseph and Alice ate sausage sandwiches up a tree which has to be up there with memories to cherish. It was such good fun and I hope it’s something they remember and something we will do regularly.

Unfortunately, the next few days saw us all ill at some point or another which scuppered our plans for half term. Never mind. We are all recovered and managed to get the raised beds made for growing vegetables once spring hits properly.

This week we are going to be spring cleaning the house and doing more in the garden, planting some flowers as the weather has warmed up considerably and getting back to our weekly rhythm.

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