This week’s round up: half term and bench restorations

This week has been half term and because my husband is a teacher he was off work and home with us. We love school holidays when Daddy is home. Our normal rhythm is sidelined and we have slower days. Joseph has spent most of it outside with my husband restoring an old rotten bench we... Continue Reading →

Helping your child with their speech development

Interestingly, both our children have had a speech delay. We are intrigued to see whether Jude will follow in his older brother and sister's footsteps or will develop 'typically' with regards to speech clarity. First and foremost, if you feel your child may have a speech delay or any speech difficulty, if they seem to... Continue Reading →

Weekly round up: Autumn Pond

We have been without signal for four days due to high wind and living rurally and being in the dip of a hill between two tiny villages. We also do not have internet apart from 4G on our phones. It's amazing how we have taken WiFi for granted and this house is proving to be... Continue Reading →

Fine Motor Activities That Aid Writing

It is said that there has been a dramatic rise in the level of children starting school unable to hold a pencil which is linked to the overuse of touch screen devices. Their fine motor skills are virtually non existent which makes holding a pencil and ultimately writing words and drawing pictures hard and painful.... Continue Reading →

This week’s round up

So I thought I'd try (emphasis on the try there!) to do a weekly round up of the activities that have been really good in the week. Things that worked and perhaps things to learn from. Phonics: We played a great game of windy washing line sounds. I pegged A4 sheets of sounds (s a... Continue Reading →

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