I am really sorry about the complete lack of posts recently. I am blaming the pregnancy but think I've lost my writing mojo for the time being. I'm hoping it will return soon. In the meantime I will try to post up on Instagram if I can. Sorry to any followers expecting something in their... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Privilege: Using Food for Play

I shared this photo on Instagram this week. It shows the three children playing with a new table. Inside are two removable trays and the table then has a top to make it a place to eat or draw. I filled the trays with little construction vehicles and oats and immediately all three sat round... Continue Reading →

The junk modelling box

Do you have a junk modelling box? It's just a box of recycling that I add to. Egg boxes, cardboard, milk cartons, brown paper... Joseph has always loved modelling from recycled materials. As always, he thinks very carefully about his design, plans it, discusses it and then gets to work. He creates drums, trumpets, garden... Continue Reading →

Activities for a 16 month old

There has been a big shift in Jude's development in the last couple of months. Physically, he is now walking (albeit wobbly but getting stronger each day) and climbing up on everything. It is very obvious that he is suddenly following instructions and understanding so much more of what is being said to him from... Continue Reading →

Alice the Artist

I recently posted this photo on Instagram and commented on how Alice is always drawn to unconventional forms of art and expression. She has always loved using pencils, crayons, pens and especially paint. From a very young age, really as soon as she was exposed to pencils/pens, she held them correctly and spent periods of... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Round Up: animal study

So I have been particularly rubbish at getting our weekly round ups published but for what every reason, it takes forever to write anything. I'm blaming baby brain and sleep deprivation... The last two weeks we have focused on animals. My eldest was showing an interest in animal skeletons and we'd had a conversation about... Continue Reading →

Our big boy turns five

Joseph turned five this weekend. Five. Five whole years. Crazy. It's that old conundrum of feeling like five years has gone too quickly and also, how can it only be five years that we've known him? It seems like he's always been a part of us. He is such a complicated, beautiful human who is... Continue Reading →

Hello 2019!

Hello 2019, how quickly you've arrived. It only feels like last week that it was October and we were observing signs of autumn and now here we are in the throws of winter and a new year. Our Christmas was perfectly slow and relaxed. We purposefully make Christmas Day fairly normal just with church and... Continue Reading →

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