This (last three) week’s round up: earthworms and half term

*edit- this should have been posted last week...* Ah I've got behind again! The last few weeks we have been looking at earthworms and it is the end of half term. We've learnt all about the anatomy of a worm and can now distinguish between a young worm and an adult worm by the 'clitellum'.... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Round Up: animal study

So I have been particularly rubbish at getting our weekly round ups published but for what every reason, it takes forever to write anything. I'm blaming baby brain and sleep deprivation... The last two weeks we have focused on animals. My eldest was showing an interest in animal skeletons and we'd had a conversation about... Continue Reading →

This Is How We Advent

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent and marks the start of the four week preparation time for Christmas. A time for quiet reflection and peaceful preparation that isn't indulgent. This doesn't sound like the Advent we see happening all around us. When I looked at my phone on Saturday it was as though Christmas... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Round Up: Weather

We've enjoyed learning about weather this week. Monday was our best day. We made rain makers and then danced round to rain sounds (you know those 'relaxing' 2 hour rain noises with pan pipes over the top). Joseph loved it. He certainly has a talent with dancing and movement and loves to move to music.... Continue Reading →

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