The Montessori Floor Bed: What we do and how we do it

Our children have never slept in cots and all have slept on floor beds. This came around accidentally (I'll explain) and then was continued because its actually a 'thing' and made a lot of sense to us and our parenting style. The floor bed is based on the Montessori principles of allowing children to explore... Continue Reading →

Using an open glass and missing out the sippy cup stage

One of the first things that introduced me and my husband to Montessori, was seeing a toddler using a little glass to drink from. He was the son of a lady running a baby group we attended and was having his lunch. She got out this little shot glass and he drank so confidently from... Continue Reading →

Our children don’t play with toys

We've always been quite aware that our children do not play with toys. I think this is partly our fault, we engage with our children through practical activities and through materials that encourage learning and building connections rather than sitting down with them with 'toys'. I have sometimes watched friend's children playing with their toys... Continue Reading →

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