Moments of Motherhood

Do you ever get those moments when you look at your children and are suddenly overwhelmed by them? Those slap-you-round-the-face moments where all the responsibility you have as a mother, as a parent shows itself to you. I find them in the smallest of actions , glances, worry flitting across my sons eyes or an... Continue Reading →

Reconnecting when you feel disconnected

We've had a stressful time the last few weeks. Our house sale fell through so we hurriedly put it back on the market so to not lose the house we want to buy. We welcomed 18 viewers through the door and had one offer. Which, as of yesterday, we accepted. It was hard work keeping... Continue Reading →

A chimpanzee in a tutu…

  I love how ideas come to mind and that we have the ability and freedom to roll with them. In my bid to say "yes" more I have found that their ideas can be brought to life (within reason) more or less right away. Joseph had been poring over the beautiful atlas that we... Continue Reading →

Saying “Yes” more than “No”

There are more than enough opportunities for learning to deal with limits, for confronting the fact that it's impossible to get everything one wants. Kid's don't need parent's to add to those occasions by saying no when they could have said yes. A. Kohn, Unconditional Parenting  As parents, we try as much as we can to say... Continue Reading →

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